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Posted on Jun 5, 2018


Photos from Marshfield Motor Speedway and Jim Sauter Jr. Racing Facebook pages

PORTAGE, Wis. (June 5, 2018) – A pair of track Champions with the same surname will be waiting when the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes visits Marshfield Motor Speedway this Saturday, June 9 for the Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial Presented by River View Construction and A&A Lock Service.

Both Michael Sauter and Jim Sauter Jr. have filed entries for Round Two, and both should prove to be worthy adversaries against the top competitors of TUNDRA. Michael is the most recent Champion at Marshfield, grabbing the title last season. Jim Jr. was the track Champion in 2012.

“We really enjoy running the TUNDRA series, there are a lot of good drivers,” Michael said. “It seems like there are always a good group of cars and large fields.”

Before running full-time at Marshfield last season, Michael had competed in select Super Late Model events – three of which were TUNDRA races at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway. In two of those events he recorded finishes of Fourth and Third.

“Obviously the goal is to come out and win. We’ve got some good experience [at Marshfield],” Michael said. “There are going to be a lot of good drivers. We’ll go with the mindset to win and hope we can use some of the experience from last year to help us.”

One of the biggest boosts to Michael’s program is the relationship he and his father Jay have shared in the race shop. It’s made for fast race cars and plenty of success.

“My dad is a huge help. He puts in a lot of time at the shop,” Michael said. “It’s a good relationship and it’s something we can do together. You have your tense times and your good times. I couldn’t be doing this without him.”

Michael feels that taking the time to run a full season at Marshfield has improved his program and should have him on top of his game for Saturday.

“It was a pretty good season getting to run at Marshfield,” Michael said of his 2017 campaign. “It’s a really good track and Wayne Brevik does a good job of running it. We learned a lot racing there. It was nice to be committed to a track, go there every week, work on stuff, and improve.”

What’s more, Michael said he feels that learning Marshfield has helped him adapt as a driver. He says the place is unique to itself, and a great place to get experience. Jim Jr. agreed with that sentiment.

“I believe it’s because the two corners are different,” Jim Jr. said. One and two looks like a circle, but it’s really not. You get to the center of the turn and you have to turn the steering wheel more. Three and four is a nice sweeper. It gives that extra challenge of getting your car setup properly.”

In the first race of the 2018 season at Marshfield, Jim Jr., and his team hit the setup perfectly on the way to a win.

“I believe the way the car was handling that day it wouldn’t have mattered if there were a lot of really good cars there, I think we would have been in the ballpark,” Jim Jr. said.

On that afternoon Jim Jr. was piloting the Cole-Sauter Racing machine – a combination of forces of Sauter and Marion Cole that came together two seasons ago. Unfortunately, bad luck has been a plagued the team, but the win at Marshfield helped them realize there is plenty of potential for wins.

“I feel bad for Marion sometimes just because the expectations were high when we got together, and it’s been rough, I’ll be honest with you,” Jim Jr. said. “We’ve wrecked a lot of stuff and maybe haven’t had the good finishes that we thought we could have and should have. Marion has stuck behind me 100 percent and I really appreciate that. Already some good things have happened with the Yellow River Series race win, so he’s pleased with that. We’re plugging away and trying to keep the ball rolling.”

A win in Saturday’s race would go a long way in keeping that ball rolling in the right direction. Jim Jr. has made one TUNDRA start at Marshfield. After qualifying 15th in the 2014 event, he raced his way to an Eighth Place finish.

“It’s a TUNDRA race and I respect the TUNDRA series,” Jim Jr., said. “I’ve been working on trying to run it the past two years and it just hasn’t happened for whatever reason. I think it would be a heck of a deal if I could win that race. My expectations are to set fast time and win the race.”

Jim Jr. is also hopeful that the day will end well for Michael. He said there is a lot of communication among the Sauter shops.

“Mostly I talk with his dad Jay. We talk weekly for sure and sometimes a couple times a week to bounce ideas off each other,” Jim Jr. said. “Obviously Johnny is always in the mix with that and we talk several times a week. Michael is a good kid. I want him to win races and run well so I try to help out as much as I can. If it means a little success for them and myself, it’s all good.”

The Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial Presented by River View Construction and A&A Lock Service will also feature the TUNDRA Sportsman Tour, Midwest Truck Series and Upper Midwest Vintage Series. Fan gates open at 1 p.m., Qualifying is at 2:30 p.m. and Racing begins at 4 p.m. Adult admission (ages 15+) is $15, Students 9-14 are $10, and Kids 8 and under receive free admission.

Marshfield Motor Speedway is located at 10853 County Rd HH in Marshfield. For more information visit www.marshfieldspeedway.com