PORTAGE, Wis. (July 10, 2021) – Even veteran racers can shake up their careers – just ask Luke Westenberg.  The Jefferson Speedway regular of 27 years recently made the jump up to the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series. After two new experiences the EPYK Media Rookie is ready to welcome the series to his home track, Jefferson Speedway, next Saturday July 17 for Transport Services LLC Round Three.

“It’s been a whole new learning experience; I definitely feel like a rookie again,” Westenberg said. “The hours dedicated to the shop have increased considerably too. I feel like we are gaining on things, but still have a way to go.”

Unfortunately, the first two rounds at unfamiliar tracks resulted in two finishes outside of the Top 20 for Westenberg.  However, he still has enjoyed the experience and looks forward to turning things around.

“I’ve really enjoyed racing with the TUNDRA series, it’s run well with good communication, and everyone has been very welcoming,” he said. “It’s been a great group of guys to race with too.”

Westenberg and his team are excited to be able to welcome the series to Jefferson.  It’s a place that is very near and dear to them having spent so many years turning laps at the tricky facility.

“Some of my best memories are seeing all the improvements the Tucker family has made to the facilities making it one of the nicest racetracks in the Midwest,” he said. “Others include spending time with all the family and friends that have been a part of helping us race at Jefferson for 27 years and winning a race or two along the way.”

In all of those years, Westenberg has a true game plan when it comes to having a successful day.  While some may want to get up on the wheel in a hurry, it’s not the way to a good day, said the veteran racer.

“You just need to attack it patiently aggressive as there are three, sometimes four groves to race on,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of guys come into Jefferson Speedway that have had lots of success around the Midwest struggle here. It’s a tricky little quarter-mile to get around, but once you get it it’s one of the best and most fun places to race.”

With his experience, Westenberg will be one to watch come race day.  History has proven that drivers who know the fast way around Wisconsin’s Action Track can have a good day when TUNDRA comes to town.  Jefferson Speedway regulars have found their way into contention.  The most recent example of that would be Riley Stenjem’s podium finish one season ago.

Knowing that he’s most likely one of the drivers (if not the driver) with the most laps at Jefferson in the field, there is some confidence heading into Saturday’s race.

“Our expectations are high being our home track, but also knowing our Super Late program isn’t where it needs to be,” We’re hoping to put it in the show and get some more laps on this car and continue to build our notebook for the future.”

Should he get into the show and get some laps under his belt, fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Luke the Duke channel some success of his days as a Jefferson Speedway regular.

The TUNDRA Super Late Model Series head to Jefferson for Transport Services LLC Round Three next Saturday, July 17.  TUNDRA will be joined by the Hobby Stocks, Bandits, and Road Warriors. Qualifying is at 5 pm with racing beginning at 7 pm.

Jefferson Speedway is located on US Hwy 18 between Jefferson and Cambridge, Wis. For more information visit http://www.jeffersonspeedway.com