PORTAGE, Wis. (August 4, 2021) – State Park Speedway seems to be a place of firsts for Brock Heinrich. It was the location of his first track Championship and Super Late Model victory.  It was also the location of his first TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Top Five and Top Ten.

This Saturday in Round Four Presented by A&A Lock Service, the Brockstar is hoping his home track is the location of his first TUNDRA win.

“It really would be awesome, that’s for sure,” Heinrich said. “I think a lot of the nerve is eased because it’s where we’ve been racing weekly, and we are comfortable with how to get around that place. The fact that it is a TUNDRA event makes it all that much more special because it’s the series that we follow, and so much good talent shows up with it.”

In 2019 Heinrich joined TUNDRA for his second race with the series, where he raced to Sixth Place finish.  Last season – on his way to becoming EPYK Media Rookie of the Year – Heinrich did one spot better with a Fifth Place finish.  This year Heinrich continues to show speed both with the series and at the quarter-mile on Thursday nights.  It has been the perfect balance of traveling and staying close to his home track.

“What I like most about State Park is probably the people. After the last seven years or so we’ve met so many people it’s just like family,” Heinrich said. “I love the track layout too. It’s unique.”

Saturday’s visit to State Park will be the second straight visit for TUNDRA to a quarter-mile race track.  Heinrich is coming off of a Third Place finish in the last round at Jefferson.  With his success, the results shouldn’t be too surprising, but there were some extraordinary circumstances he and his team had to overcome to find the final spot on the podium.  Heinrich was involved in an incident that severely damaged his car the Thursday before Jefferson.  He and his team had to pivot and bring the 21 car, which had been driven by Derek Kraus.

“We contemplated reassembling the 52 with new suspension components but the amount of work to be done was far more than we could handle in one evening because everyone worked that day,” Heinrich said. “Turns out the frame was bent anyways so making the call to switch to the 21 was the right one.”

Heinrich hung in throughout the day and showed excellent speed late in the race as he climbed to Third.

“The car right off the bat had a different feel and we spent the whole day without power steering trying to dial it in. Then in the heat race the power steering issues were fixed and we built off of that,” Heinrich recalled. “It took some time to get acclimated to that car since it was built for high horsepower tracks but once I knew where we needed to be on the track we took off. That P3 finish was a real blessing. The whole team deserved it after how much work we had done in the 24 hours prior. I can’t thank Todd, Darin and everyone else enough for pulling through to get the job done.”

The rebound at Jefferson could prove to loom large in the title standings for Heinrich. In his second full-time season with TUNDRA, Heinrich finds himself Third in the standings, just 44 points out of the top spot.  Securing a win Saturday would be huge in many ways for young racer.

“As far as chasing the title, we kind of keep it in the back of our minds,” he said. “The ultimate goal is to win races. When you win races you gain points, and we have been doing really good all year so far. We had a hiccup at Kaukauna and we were running really well there as well. We just need to put the whole thing together. So far we are doing really well and if we stay consistent we very well could be there at the end.

“I think to finally secure that W we just got to keep doing what we are doing and build off of what we have,” Henrich continued. “We show up a little better and better each time we come to the track. Once we are in position the stars just got to line up and we have to take advantage of it. We are very close.”

All-in-all Heinrich has improved greatly this season already, and is hoping to have a strong finish to the campaign.

“With State Park and Golden Sands coming up we have some real good opportunity to score some podiums and possibly win some races,” he said. “Then going into the Dells we just got to improve on what we had last year. We have our work cut out for us but I’m sure this awesome team will put us in position at the end like they have been all year.”

Heinrich and TUNDRA invade Wausau this Saturday, August 7 for Round Four Presented by A&A Lock Service. Qualifying is set for 5:30 with racing to begin at 7 pm.  TUNDRA will be joined by the American Super Cup Series, Wisconsin Sport Trucks, and Dairyland Vintage.

State Park Speedway is located at 147711 N Mountain Road in Wausau, Wis. For more information visit http://www.stateparkspeedway.com